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Are you looking for a web developer who can provide all aspects of web design, development, and maintenance?

My name is Neil, and I have significant experience with WordPress, Shopify, web hosting technical assistance, and SEO services. I've been helping businesses and individuals build websites for over five years. I know what works and what doesn't, and I'm always on the lookout for new ways to make your website more effective and responsive for all users.

You need a trusted and experienced web developer to accomplish your business goals. Hiring an agency or company will be costly, and you might experience stressful situations. As a professional, I give my clients great service at a price they can afford, and I guarantee that they will be happy with the results. I am passionate about what I do and strive to establish a strong connection with my clients in order to understand their goals, aspirations, and needs. Contact me for a quote.


Strategies, Design & Branding.

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The web is where your brand’s experience begins. A well-designed WordPress website opens the door to many prospects. Planned business flows, end objectives, and well-structured web pages can assist your brand in taking the next step with visitors to the site. I will help your company make visual content that is both appealing and good at promoting your products or services. To reach this goal, my team will use design strategy, amazing effects, content creation that is based on SEO, and high-quality website development.


I will bring your website to the next level with a modern design, engaging features, pixel-perfect UI/UX, and amazing headlines, functionality, high-quality code, and a fascinating style. Obtain an exquisitely designed website immediately.

online news with amazing updated political news created by Web Developer - Neil DC -This Is Your World
Airport and airplane website created by Web Developer - Neil DC - JDA Aviation Technology Solutions
best of acupuncture service near New York mount kisco built by Web Developer - Neil DC - FCT Family Acupuncture
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Top social media marketing with responsive effect built by Web Developer - Neil DC - BluPrint Marketers

It is essential to perform routine maintenance on your wordpress website if you want it to continue to work properly in the future.

This is the most important factor for a web developer to consider after a website has gone live. How can I ensure that my website continues to function correctly?

Former technical specialist for a web hosting company. I have received numerous calls from customers regarding bugs and errors on websites. And when I finally figured out what was wrong, I came to the conclusion that the WordPress site is unmanaged. Overall, restoring everything to normal operation will be difficult. I know what steps I need to take to prevent these problems from happening. I’ve been employed in this field for many years. I am willing to help you prevent these issues from occurring.


24/7 Observation and Maintenance

Themes and Plugins Updates

Daily Backups (Cloud Based)

Database Optimize / Cleanup

Speed Optimization

Protection and Security

Fix WordPress Errors

Proofreading and Editing Content

Social Media Management

Modify Functionality

Unlimited Revision

Managed cPanel/WHM

VPS and Dedicated Hosting Technical Support

Having trouble managing your VPS or Dedicated hosting? constantly encountering technical issues? You don’t have time to manage an advanced hosting server. Your hosting provider does not offer any customer support?

I’ve been working as a Web Hosting specialist for several years. I can help you manage your hosting to keep it running at its best. I have extensive experience handling advanced hosting servers like WHM and cPanel. Also, as a web developer, I know how to keep your website running smoothly. You can contact me anytime. Let me help you.


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