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Web Developer • Web Hosting Specialist • SEO Expert - I am a passionate web specialist that enjoys taking on new challenges, producing beautiful website designs, and fixing technical website issues. Specialize in WordPress , Shopify, Web Hosting, and SEO for better traffic and performance.

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Website Technical Support

I know how it feels because I have handled many clients experiencing the same issues during my former job in the web hosting companies.

I am here to assist you in any issue you are encountering. You can contact me anytime. Let me help you out.

Exceptional Experience

I have encountered many web hosting issues from different kind of websites. Many customer mostly rely on their hosting provider to fix the issue. However, many hosting provider are difficult to get connected or some are just too difficult to resolved. 

I am here to help you and get the resolution you need.


Years Experience Working

Advanced Web Hosting 96%
Technical Specialist 95%


I am available to assist in any way I can.

Migrating a website is a lot of work and there are many procedure to apply. I will migrate your website manually and via plugins to ensure that you have a variety of backup options. Following that, I’ll configure your domain’s DNS settings and test your website before it goes live.

The majority of website malware is designed to prevent detection or gain and keep unauthorized access to a compromised environment. Website infections include credit card theft, spam, malicious redirection, and even website defacement. I will clean the server of all viruses and activate your hosting account. If needed, we will restore a backup from your hosting provider.

Many hosting provider uses webmail to access your email. I will migrate all your email content to another hosting service. The best way to access email is using third party application as imap or pop. I will guide you to set up your Mail Client like devices, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Window, etc.

Are you having difficulties contacting your hosting provider? Your hosting provider doesn’t have live support? I know how you feel, and I am here to help you. I have extensive experience in solving these issue. Let me help you navigate your hosting account and cPanel. I can provide assistance with any issues you may encounter. 

Solving Problem

WordPress issue is a daunting task to resolve.  

I can provide you the best resolution for solving any web hosting issue.


Free Consultation

No Down-payment

Payment is due after the project is finished.